Mechanical Mixer

Mechanical Mixer

The company produces mechanical mixers for chemical tanks.
There are different types of mixers available:

  • frame;
  • vaned;
  • anchored;
  • scraping.

The type of mixer depends on the viscosity and type of medium, used technology and customers requirements. The drive can be connected directly from the motor or via a motor-reducer. The range of revolutions is from 5 to 1500 RPM.


Applications and features:

  • used to mix aggressive, hazardous and toxic media, including two-phase (containg undissolved gases) media;
  • technological processes in reactors, polimerizers and mixers;
  • dimensions in accordance with specific requirements;
  • various seal types available:
    • gland seal;
    • single face seal;
    • double face seal;
    • hermetic seals*.
  • comply with TDFA.061500.000 TU;
  • licensed by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision.


  • steels;
  • alloys.

Innovative features and original designs have been patented by Hydrogas.

*Hermetic seals with torque transfer via a magnetic coupling guarantee leakage elimination and allow for work at the temperature up to +350°C.