Chemical Valves

Chemical Valves

In 1996, along with the chemical pumps, Hydrogas started designing and producing chemical check valves. Since 1997 the company has been manufacturing another three valve types: membrane valves, butterfly valves and ball cocks to be used when pumping highly corrosive media. Metal liquid ends are lined by solid homogeneous thermoplastics, some valves are made of polymers. Dn ranges from 6 to 400mm. Chemical Valves

Chemical valves regulate the flow of materials by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. Tests have proved that the Hydrogas valves are on a pa with those by leading manufacturers and are highly reliable. They have the following advantages: In membrane valves a normally open membrane has a two-layer design, articulate hanger and lined elements entering the seat.

The design is patented by the Russian Federation Patent N2300683. Check valves have two shutter-types, which increases their capabilities; Butterfly valves have backup seals made of flouroplastic-4, which increases their temperature range and chemical resistance. Hydrogas lined valves are designed for 1.6 MPa pressure, polymer valves - for 1 MPa pressure.

Overall dimensions are unified which allows for the valves interchangeability. All valves are 100% tested, including ecological tests after thermostaing at minus 40C.

Valve design allows for the installation of any type of drives. On demand Hydrogas valves can be delivered with drives by one of Hydrogas partners. For the list of available drive types refer to section Modifications of Serial Valves. Constant striving for perfection combined with years of practical experience and continuous market research allows Hydrogas to exceed customer expectations.