New Foundry Launched

      A new foundry has been launched to produce molds made of carbon steel,

low-alloy steel, corrosion resistant steel, gray cast iron and high-strenght cast iron

with the weight of 1.5 to 700 kg.

In the foundry process, the following leading technologies are exploited:

  • molding on CNC machines;


  • computer-aided simulation of foundry processes;


  • cold-molding (alpha-set process) on an automated molding line;


  • flaskless molding of metal melted in modern induction furnaces;


  • removal of residual phenol and formaldehyde using ABHU-30 system;


  • regeneration of the used molding sand using FTL Foundry Equipment system.

      The new foundry is equipped for the complete production cycle and allows for the production

of mods to GOST 26645, strenght class 8, with high-quality surfaces at the lowest cost

and the shortes possible time.

      If you wish to place an order, please contact us at:


  • tel.:(473) 260-61-12 доб.19;


  • fax:(473) 260-63-11;


  • e-mail:
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